Detroit –  Monday evening shockwaves filled the NBA with sudden trade featuring Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Clippers. Clippers agreed to trade the five time All Star power forward Blake Griffin, as well as other power forward Brice Johnson and center Willie Reed.

The former rookie of the year has been dealing with various injuries on and off the court, only playing 133 out of the past 246 games averaging 21.8 points get game along with 8.1 rebounds and 5.1 assists per game. The Pistons traded shooting guard Avery Bradley, who has been struggling as of late and has an expiring contract, along with the best part of the Clippers return small forward Tobias Harris, center Boban Marjanovic, 1st round, and 2nd round pick.

Pistons have theirselves another star big men, pairing Blake Griffin and center Andre Drummond. The potential for Detroit is very high for the newly acquired all star, if he can stay healthy the Pistons will have a very lethal combination for a few years.

With openings at shooting guard and small forward, this will give time to youngsters: shooting guard Luke Kennard and small forward Stanley Johnson. Kennard and Johnson will have the opportunity to bloom with their starting roles. The former first round pick from Arizona Stanley Johnson, has seen a sudden increase of minutes with playing at 34 minutes in the past five games.

With the Clippers unloading Griffin’s massive contract, 5 year $171.2 million , Los Angeles will have the rare chance to rebuild the Clippers as a whole. Newly acquired small forward Tobias Harris, will be the temporary piece for the rebuild of the Clippers.

Adding shooting guard Avery Bradley, will be nothing more than just one year rental, however could be vital during the trade season. Bradley has been linked to the Warriors, but seems very unlikely to work due to Warriors cap space. Clippers were also able to land center Boban Marjonovic to slot at their backup spot for center for around five to seven minutes, in my opinion.

Both teams made perplexing moves to get closer to their goals of either rebuilding or reloading to make a run at playoffs. The Clippers were able to move on from their franchise star that has been battling injuries for the past season, for draft picks, and expiring contact/Avery Bradley, and instant impact player/ Tobias Harris. The Clippers still have to make regarding center DeAndre Jordan and shooting guard Lou Williamsboth will be unlikely to return for next season.

The Pistons decided to risk it all for playoffs, by trading important trade pieces for a former NBA All star. The contract could become an issue around the 2020 NBA season. If Blake can remain healthy, as well as the front office putting a solid team around Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond, they will have a extremely dominant basketball team.





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