While many expected the Cleveland Cavaliers to deal the eighth pick, the Cavaliers elected actually to keep the pick. With the eighth pick, Cleveland Cavaliers chose freshman point guard from Alabama, Collin Sexton.

Fit wise, Collin Sexton was the best player on the board for the Cavaliers when their pick was on the clock. Many assumed Michael Porter Jr. would be the selection, due to some rumblings saying that MPJ would be the pick if available. Cleveland played it safe and went after Sexton, whom they feel more comfortable with as a prospect.

Collin1Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Sexton is an intriguing prospect and has insane amount of upside in the league as a point guard. Sexton averaged an impressive 19.2 point per game followed by 3.8 rebounds and 3.6 assists. The Alabama guard was efficient from the field shooting 44%, going along with 33% from three point and 77% from the “charity stripe”.

Selecting Sexton may as well be some foreshadowing for the current guards, George Hill and Jordan Clarkson. The Cavaliers may look to move Hill to free up his 19 million for the upcoming season, as well as his 18 million for the 2019-2018 season. Clarkson will cost nearly 12.5 million this season, followed with 13.4 million the season after.

The only problem I have with the Sexton selection is will it be enough to convince LeBron to stay? No one is quite sure, but Sexton is actually the player LeBron preferred for the draft this season. He obviously isn’t Kyrie Irving, but he is the best guard the Cavaliers have had since Irving.

However, LeBron wants to win now and the Cavaliers will be risking LeBron by just adding Sexton. Cleveland should continue looking for moves to improve their roster to fit LeBron expectation, if they intend to keep James next season.

If the Cavaliers decide to move on from King James, Sexton will be the new face for Cleveland. “Young Bull” has the confidence to lead a team as a rookie in the league, which is exactly what Cleveland will need.

The other pieces of the team are currently unknown, but as soon as LeBron makes his decision, pieces will start to fall. Ultimately, I expect Sexton to be throwing many oops to the King this season, as James will be returning to the The Land.




Photo Header: NeoSportsInsider

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